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What They're Saying

"A genuine rock & roll photographer and solid dude!" 

Don Mcaulay, Sr. drum technician & musician

"A talent only surpassed by his charm and lovely personality.

An incredibly patient man behind the lens, Tom allows you to find your space and explore it in your own way. Non - ntrusive but offers great suggestions and feedback. Wonderfully easy to work with and great to collaborate with.  Tom is no stranger to shooting rock and roll legends and future legends alike. His editing is quick while remaining unique, his eye is one of a kind and the results speak for themselves.

I could not recommend this man more as a photographer, a collaborator or a colleague."    

Nick Harding, Singer, songwriter, musician

"One of the best rock and roll photographers out there bar none!  

Andrew John Foreman, photographer

"Tom has a wonderful way of capturing moments on film that are breathtaking ... if your re not so blessed to be at these shows ..he has the gift to capture that moment and make you feel as if you were there ....that's not something you can manufacture .... That's a gift"

DEBBIE Duncan, Daughter of Herbie Duncan

"Tom Gold is top shelf all the way. An accomplished photographer and a lover of Rock and Roll."

Mike Hood, musician

"Great photographer, love his work. He captures the essence of live performances"

stephen donald, music lover

"Great photographer, genuine top bloke. Oh, great photos too boot".

charlie Shilibeer, music lover

"i love them all can't wait for the next lot of rock n roll pics by tom gold".

Zillah Westover, music lover

"My favorite photographer..! His rock n' roll images will leave you longing."

Kathy Robinson, music lover

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