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Tom Gold
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There are music photographers out there who do everything possible to make it all about them.  That is not how goldwood operates.  Our mission is to make it all about the client.  Whatever it takes to create the image you want.  Tom says, "I am not here to become famous, my goal is to photograph people who have achieved fame and people who crave it. if my clients look good and reach their goals then i've achieved my mine."


from Los angeles, tom has been photographing rock bands since the mid 1970's.  Beginning with the iconic first album by the runaways he has literally been there and done that when it comes to creating the right image for musicians.  Now living just outside London he has expanded his workload and portfolio to include some of the best known bands in the world as well as select bands showing exceptional potential whom he has chosen to work with.  

Specialities include photographing live events, indoor and outdoor photoshoots and working with superior bands to help them achieve their goals via image, publicity and promotion.  


ALL PHOTOS USED WITH PERMISSION.  WEBSITE COPYRIGHT, 2021:;; GoldwoodMedia.Pro; TomGold.Photography and

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