I have loved photography for as long as I remember.  As a kid I used to

photograph everything and anything despite my parents objections

as they were paying for the developing and printing!

Starting in 1974 I began taking photos of rock bands that came through los angeles.

I would photograph every band i could.

the stones.  rod stewart and faces.  david bowie and many more.   

then one night i went out to photograph the tubes.  the opening act that night

was a band called the runaways and the rest is history.

That evening led to dozens of life long friendships as well as photographing the runaways first album which has become iconic among rock album design.

since then my love of photography has multiplied thousands of times.

i am now living just outside of london, england and still taking photos

of bands and anything else that looks interesting to me.

look around this website and you will see what i can do.

interested?  want more information?  let's talk.

i'm easy to find, click contact and let me help you with your next project.

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